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These are dolls I've made on other people's larger bases. I'm working on getting all the base credits correct again.

I do really love how this turned out.
Demeter and Persephone
Oh she is a great character!
Isthea, a favorite RP character
Base: Autumn Pixels 2/28/05-ish
A water fae
Undine, after Rackham
A depression awareness doll .
Doll base, I drew the hand 9/29
A Red Tribe doll .
Dollz n Stuff 8/29
This turned out good. I'm really pleased with the sweater, and I've been wanting to use this base for a while.
InUna's Sky
Base:Dollz-n-Stuff. 3/22
It's just a re-color of the gold one, but I still like it.
Woohoo! Ok, this was fun, plus, graidents.
PO base 8/11
It's apple time!
I *loved* figuring out the tie-dye
My idea of a lazy Sunday involves baked goods and reading in bed while painting my nails with my favorite holographic polish
It's apple time!
Product Placement!
I actually saw this girl on 7/5, and she said I could doll her. I think she's perfect for this! I love the little tiara she's holding so carelessly
I actually saw this girl on 7/5
CD base 7/6
Yep, I'm pretty happy with this one.
My fictional celtic rock band. Base: Zoi, site closed
A big drag queen
A drag queen
Yep, I'm pretty happy with this one.
Pixel Spirits
Base: Angy-Chan 4/4
This is Damvild fillia Eki, a shape-shifter mage of House Bjornaer, in Ars Magica. I've been playing her for about four years now. This is her winter traveling gear. I think she'd wear a hat, but I can't figure out what type.
Damvild fillia Eki of House Bjornaer
DI 1/19.
Dance tribe.
Tribal belly dance rules! Base:
Fairy mama
A fairy mama and baby
big john
A tibute to the miners that died
I used photos of Mata Hari as refference
			 	for the costume. I'll put the link to the photo here when I find it again. (Or you can Google Mata Hari photos yourself :) )
Mata Hari, famous double agent.
Txsm's Fire 'Dark Lady Base Edit"
Hee hee. Candy necklace.
Tiger Pyschosis
base:Autumn Pixels
I know I'd be too lazy to shave, 
				but given my genes, I'm not sure I'd get a beard. I would love my monkey socks, though! 
				 They don't make good monkey socks in women's sizes. (I woulda had a better chance if I'd remembered to attach my doll. Oops:{)
Jac's Place "Opposite Sex"
(self portrait, cross-gender)
Base: Solace.
It started out being Scarlet O'Hara,
 				but she changed..
White Summers 12/27
I really like this doll
12/23. Perfect Plastic.
This is an example for my Tooth Fairy contest.
Dollz n Stuff
This was SO much fun to do.

MPoe's 3/9 base