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These are dolls I've made on other people's bases.I'm filling in base credits ASAP. If you know any, shout!
These are all little-ish dolls..

Retro Valentine 1/06
My first crush
My first crush. In 2nd grade.
He had a blue velvet blazer. *sigh*
Cute little pirate couple.
Fire signs
Fire Signs 9/1
Water signs
Water Signs
Earth signs.
Earth Signs 9/1
Air signs.
Air Signs 9/1
I could not resist this idea when I saw it.
base bottle base
Inspired by Mazzy 9/1
I love these little things.
base 9/1
I love these little things.
Could I get any smaller?
It's cute little Van Helsing!
Sophia & Sophokles.
Sophia Loren and the Greek playwrite Sophokles.
I never could resist a pun.base
The contest was for nuns and monks in 'traditional cassock'. I couldn't resist doing monks
 				from other traditions, so here is a Buddist nun and monk.
Cute little things, aren't they? Bt 3/18
This base just completly told me *missing socks. make me a doll about missing socks.* When a base talks to me, I have to listen, right?
base 5/23
What a cute hat.
Yay leaves!
Do you like my hat? 2/15.
Great newish base by Xandorra, and I love saries, so it was a natural.
Another doll to celebrate May 17th Right to Marry.
Hee hee.
This was for a contest
The outline was set, I had to fill it in.
Hee hee.
My EE avie, times 3
This came out almost exactly like I wanted. The stockings are pixel shaded, and took forever, more than the rest of the doll.
base 2/15.
Too late for a base edit contest.
I couldn't resist. It's Jane the she-kitten,
 				Periwinkle the black lady cat, and Alltome the big fuzzy boy with double paws.
 				Jane is the daughter of the other two.
Our cats 1/25/04
Silly Janine and Cathies Crazie Creations
Hee hee.
Anime Dream
Hee hee.
A fishy doll
Hee hee.
Anne of Green Gables
A dear friend had a Nov. baby.
I was at Nora's birth - wow.
Ella and I share a birthday!
This is the new Pogo base which I couln't resist.
He-he. All elf baby bases by Random Doodles
Me as a hobbit. This is more curl than my hair has ever had.

Janet Miller, mild mannered reporter...
No Going Back
Interplanet Janet, she's a galaxey girl...
No Going Back
This is kind of a boy-it's-late-to-be-dolling doll.
Love the slippers!
base 1/24.
This is an example for my contest.
Trollbabe:Love me-Love me not 2/2
Tiger Lily's
I do love green.
9/16 9
I like her spiky hair and spider stocking.

1st day of Xmas
A partridge and a pear tree.
2nd day of Xmas
Two turtle doves.
3rd day of Xmas
Three french hens.
4th day of Xmas
Four calling birds.
5th day of Xmas
Five goooold rings.
6th day of Xmas
Six geese a-laying.
7th day of Xmas
Seven swans a-swimming.
8th day of Xmas
Eight maids a-milking.
9th day of Xmas
Nine pipers piping.
10th day of Xmas
Ten drumers drumming.
11th day of Xmas
Eleven lords a-leaping.
12th day of Xmas
Twelve ladies dancing.
This is my real life dance troup. From left to right: Roxanne, Meguey, Hepsibah, Rabiah, Sabra, and Vereah.

Faery Grrl Dollz.
Santa Baby Santa Baby. too cute.
All 12 days & Santa, base by Silly Janine