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Please use my bases, but give me credit. A link back is good, an e-mail note so I can come see what you did is extra nice. Feel free to edit the colors, but keep other edits limited. You can definatly edit the hands to be four fingered and the ears to be rounded if you like. I'll probably do that myself for dolls, but not on the bases.Check my Conditions of Use for the whole thing. I will probably be doing base edit contests eventually, if interest warrants it. Thanks!

And, in that vein, credit is due to Wendy Pini as the origional creator of ElfQuest, Steve Perrin and friends who authored the RPG, and Elizabeth Cerritelli's excellent article on designing elves. All the art here is my own work, but those three had a big part in providing me with the possibility.

My pixies! Flip, recolor, enjoy.
My pixies! They're all one file, if you want them.
My second mermaid base.
This is Anemone.
My first mermaid base.
This is Murielle.
Littlestar. Basically a Piper with a new head and face.
This is Littlestar.
Meridian. My fav male base. He's a pretty easy-going and relaxed guy.
This is Meridian.
This is Ripple.
This is Tumble.
This is Sandy.
A simple Ebb base.
This is Ebb.
A simple Shoal base.
This is Shoal.
A simple Piper base.
This is Piper.
A simple Harmony base.
This is Harmony.

Now, making dollz is a creative thing for me, and I don't plan on having EQ licensed art here. But in the event that I might make dollz of or clothes for WARP characters, or others might use my bases to do so, I've included the following legalese: "Elfquest art copyright 2002 Warp Graphics, Inc. Elfquest, its logos, characters, situations, all related indicia, and their distinctive likenesses are trademarks of Warp Graphics, Inc. All rights reserved." If you are unfamiliar with ElfQuest, please check it out at the Official ElfQuest Site