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Awards will stay up for around six months; longer if I'm attached to it or I'm lazy. Links abound, as usual. For award winners no longer featured here, there are (or will be soon) little tags with the dolls themselves.
Yay! Choice at Sabraelle's Garden!!
Yay! Choice at Dea's
Yay! 1st place at Kya's Corner!
Yay! 2nd at Sabraelle's Garden!!
Yay! Best moon outfit!
Yay! Most Creative in BE at Robin's Dolls
Yay! Inspired by the pic at Pixel Oasis
Yay! 1st place in Sunny Morning
Yay! 1st in Sophia and Sophokles BE.
Yay! 2nd in Contrasting Colors at Pirate Kisses.
Yay! Best Wings in Dirty Angel contest at DEAC
Yay! Most Origional in Artistic Vision at Tiger Pyschosis
Yay! Most Origional in Elements at
Yay! Most Origional in Inspired by Jonathan Earl Bowser at Aquaspirits
Yay! Most Origional in I Hate Valentine's Day at L&D Dollz
Base is mine
Yay! Most Unique in Uno BE at No Going Back
Yay! Jorinda's Choice in Hobbit Me at Jorinda's Place
Jorinda's Place "Hobbit me" contest.
Base: Angy-Chan
Yay! Nm's Choice, Detail, and Shading in Yin-Yang at Blue Ice - site gone
Blue Ice 'Yin-Yang' 12/23.
Also won Best Shading and Best Detail base
Yay! DOLLIE JUDGES FAVORITE(!) in Winter Wonderland w/Requirments at Fuschia Bunny - site gone
Fuschia Bunny 12/11.
Also won Voter's 2nd Choice. Base: ILCK.
Yay! 1st in Viola BE at White Summers - site gone
White Summers Viola base edit contest 12/27