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The only thing you really need to know, and that's really an assumption on my part, is that yes, Meguey is my name. The 'gue' is pronounced as in 'guest', and it's also the name of a flowering catcus, spelled maguey.

I LOVE funky socks.
I really do wear other outfits, it just
seems that every time I do a self-portrait,
I'm wearing jeans and a green top.
I LOVE plants.
I love my garden
I am Scottish, Swedisn, German, and American
I am Scottish, Swedisn,
German, and American base 2/20
This is me, in my new stripey shirt and new necklace.
My 'The Gathering'
yearbook doll Xandorra's's base
I love the dress on this one; it was for a base edit/fantasy you contest.
I'd be an elf, sure. base
What I did on my Veteran's Day weekend.
I like house-keeping,
but hate house-work
A pixi me, with cookies.
I bake!
This is me, in my pj's, Solstice morning.
In my pj's Solstice morning.
I love my country, but fear the current administration. Everybody VOTE.
I'm a patriot.
That means I don't
always agree with my government base 7/29/02
How much more truthful could I get? :)
Me as a witch! I have that skirt and that cat, but not the hat or wand. Oh well.
Me as a witch! Yeah!
Base is from Cleo
Me as a rebel pilot!
Star Wars has Luke, Han, and Leia!
Forget the Anikin kid.
Base is from Angy-chan
Me now, in 1985, and in 1975.
Me in 2000, in 1985, and in 1975.
Base is from Angy-chan