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I love the idea of sister/siblings/etc. In general, I'm very pro 'family of choice', and the web is no exception.


Lisa of Lost & Delirious Dollz was the first person to ask me to be her sister. I always spend more time pokeing around her site than most sites; it's fun and interesting, and she's got great dolls. I really like the attitude at L&D Dollz - upbeat, unique, and irreverent. Lisa's her own chick and proud of it.

Sisters are great!
Oh, I so needed this today!
Sisters are great!
'Cause Lisa needs gifties too.
Happy Tuesday, Lisa!
A gift from me to Lisa!
A gift to me from Lisa!
Spring-time Meguey w/flower tattoos!
Meguey. base
Spring-time Lisa w/flower tattoos!
Lisa. base
Spring-time us w/flower tattoos!
A banner by me. base

Jorinda of Jorinda's Place asked me the very next day, and I was thrilled! I fell in love with her elf dolls, then the little sword fighting Kao This is the kao mentioned above - I LOVE it. It's the only one I've ever seen that I really liked. (*so cute! I poke you! I poke you!*), then the whole site. I love that her (handsome!) partner has a doll site too (although I have trouble makeing it work :{) She's got great skill, not just at dolling, as you will discover if you follow her links. She also has the cutest boy baby that side of the Atlantic.

I was so surprised and pleased to receive this from Jorinda.
It was especially cool since I had been trying to think how to ask *her*!
If anyone knows why my doll seems to be loosing detail, let me know.
By me.
Again with the shadeing issues on my doll!.
By Jorinda.
We agreed on a base for our banner - this elf with dreads is my half.
A gift from Jorinda.

Melissa of Pixel Oasis was my third sister! Ok, I've had sleep and chocolate, so now I can write 'why I asked Meli to be my sis' in fifty words or there abouts. Basically, she's friendly and out-going (like me :) ), plus she both dolled my fav base AND inspired me to enter a contest (the Daisy B/E at Candy Cloud) AND had a cool contest that I entered, so she was a doller to watch. Her site is sassy and sweet.

This took me ALL DAY. But she said yes, so it was worth it.
Yay, yay, yay. And check out that base! That's 2 she's dolled! *hug*
Mermaid banner on my bases.
Aww! A little dollie of me on my pixie base!

Jolynn of Jolynn's Dollz is my new sister! She and I have been getting to know each other for some months now. There are a lot of similar things in our lives, and she's just great. when we first met, she didn't have a site yet, and boy, am I glad she does now! Check out her unbelievable dolls! Of course, sharing an ElfQuest obsession helped too.

I sent this to my other sisters too, and asked her if she thought it might apply to her as well.
I love this doll. It's like the summer solstice moon, when anything is possible. *hug*
How neat!

Icia of Delirious Pixels said yes! Where do I start? Oh, with her super dolling skills, and the oh-so-cool Saevus. With her, I can be just weird. And weird is good. Also, we both get the RPG thing.

I'd been trying to figure out how to ask her for ages.
My new sister!!!