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I'm amazed at this media: the skill level is wide and extreamly impressive at the top end; it's obviously something that appeals to many ages and nationalities; the range of dollz out there is HUGE; and it's teaching people (including me) how to use Photoshop (to make or edit dollz) and how to do web-design (for pages on which to show the dollz). So here's my 'I can't live without them' dolls adopted from other sites. I will set myself a limit of four or fewer dolls per site, and I hope I can stick to it. Links back will be below dolls, and the base credits if different.

I LOVE this doll! The ruffles, the expression - it's just too cute for words.
Ealain Gallery
I'm such a sucker for a nice green-skinned doll, and this one's a sweetie.
Ealain Gallery
The wings are amazing, and the leaves and nut.
The hair and the robe are great.
Pices Designs
Eek! Cuuute.
Pices Designs
Oh, look at the shading
Pices Designs
Just lovely.
Eek! Cuuute.
I love the folds!
Words fail to express my delight in this doll
Fia's Dolls
Adopted with her
special permission
While I was waiting for permission for the larger tree, I contented myself with her adorable little sister.
Fia's Dolls
All Fia bases:Dolls-N-Stuff
Moon mother and the child sun.
Fia's Dolls
Adopted with her
special permission
OOhh. I love this doll. Look at that candle. Wow.
Pixel Spirits
It's difficult to make saris look so good. and this one really does..
Pixel Spirits
Ohh, the sheer overdress... Delirious Pixels The light plus the transparency=great.
Tea Party's Doll House
This lace is amazing.
Guinastasia's Dolls,
B:Xandorra's Place
Wooohoo!! The mohawk is amazing, and folds on the plaid train - wow.
Cheap Frills
I love the little tiny cut-outs on this dress. The whole doll is so cute.
House of Little Wonders,
I had this doll as a child and LOVED her.
Dazed Journey
on her own base.
Rose Petal. I had this doll as a child and LOVED her.
Jade Dolls,
B:Dolls e outras Coisinhas
Check out the shine on those boots!!.
Alysha's Dolls,
Yolantha-Swan Lake. Isn't that tail fantastic?. Beatrix-Swan Lake. The little dragon is what got me.
Suleika-Swan Lake. I found the card I think she used as a source - it's an amazing likeness. Sirena-Swan Lake. Another wonderful green doll.
Swan Lake
Moon Goddess-Whimsical Witch. I love the moons on her belt.
Whimsical Witch
Strawberry Patch. This is the first dolled head I've adopted. I love the expression on this doll so much.
Strawberry Patch
OMG, the shading. The shading.
Crimson Haze
Anaesthetic. I love the strippy skirt and the second doll is just too great for words. Anaesthetic. Same base, two great dolls..
 I'm also a bellydancer, so how could I resist?. Base is from, which is currently down. Too bad.
Artdollz. Yay orange!
I have a real fondness for Hathor, the Eygptian goddess of childbirth and beginings.
Infinity Dollz
This is a stunning example of a fantasy warrior.
Enchanting Star
Xandorra. Isn't this fantastic?. Xandorra. I love this doll. I can't say enough good things about Xandorra's Place. The dolls are great, the tutorials are amazing, and why haven't you gone there already?.
Xandorra's Place
Ma Petite Poupee. 
How  I could resist that hair?. Base from LolaArt<a href=
Ma Petite Poupee.
Josie's Dolls. What a great site. And that skirt is super.
Josie's Dolls.