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Here are all my links. It's just so much nicer having them here than having to go through my 'favorites' all the time. If your site is linked here, you can grab the doll at left. If you're NOT on my Links page and you'd like to be, leave me a Message, complete with your address, and I'll swing by and check you out! I've put a bit about each site in the roll-over - mostly as a memory tool for me - so you'll know why I linked each site. (If, by some odd chance, you're looking for a link to me, they're at the bottom.)
Lisa-My super sister site.
ICIA-Just love this site - so sardonic.
desdemona-fold tut!
xandorra-Amazing dolls & the only forum I've joined.
buttertoast-I've entered almost all her contests, and besides, penguins.
wayuki-This looks abandonded, but it's so good.
solace-I love the brown, and great shading/tuts.
sabraelle-Super shading and cute bases.
pinkland-Lots o' bases.
lilith-Truly unusual!
2pixel-Lovely shading.
designwell-Wow. And flower fairies.
angy-chan-More bases than god. Really.
dolls-n-stuff-Bases galore! I love her 'sit' base, and her dolls are great.
mib-Sexy Imperial storm trooper dolls. Need I say more?
dhf-Super skills, plus contests and wonderful bases.
toybox-Whee! So much fun, and the cutest bases.
ccc&janine-Almost everything you want is here.
oops-braid tut is amazing
avsquad-site's dead, but the bases are great!
Jolynn-My spectacular sister site
chimsie-clever contests and amazing horse base
bunnystick-ahh! the most outrageous contests!
dazed-brat base, kim base, etc
Kat! She made a cool request for me
fruit-astonishing french dolls, esp males
sechmet-bottle props, backgrounds, and dolls
nefertiti-stunning bases and dolls
haven-OMG the dolls and bases
ami noMiko-furry dolls!
kissidollz-RHPS dolls!
dvb-fellow EQ fan
witchcrafted-a lovely new site I found
ealain-such lovely dolls
fainelloth-the amazing maia base!
shirley-great bases and HAIR
autumnpixels-one of the very best out there
inconsistant angel-great contests
pinkanblu-amazing range of bases used in great dolls
box-of-pixels - Natalie base and Star Wars dolls

Here are some buttons to link to me, should you feel moved to do so. Text link is, and if you'd drop me a message , I'll visit your site, too.
Maple fairy.

Here are some buttons OTHER PEOPLE have made for me!?!?
From Icia!
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