Charlotte,the dreaded elf. Or the elf with dreads. Either is correct. Charlotte, the dreaded elf. Or the elf with dreads. Either is correct.
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All my childhood delight in paperdolls, and on the computer!

There are some standards in the dolling/pixel art community, which basically amount to common courtesy: see 'Conditions of use' for details if you have any doubts. Many images have roll-over, with credits and other tasty info. Here's the base for Charlotte, up above to the left.


This is my example doll for my latest contest - dolls inspired by tea art!
I like her hair - it's super glossy.

Latest News:

HUGE NEWS! I just accepted a post as moderator at The Gathering! This is really cool, and I'm very excited. I've beeen part of TG for 4 years, and this means I can help out more. Yay! 11/16

Contest is VOTING! Go vote! 11/08

Contest time! Make a doll inspired by your favorite tea! I'll accept entries until September 15th. 7/21/08

Once upon a time, all the links were good and all my dolls had proper credit. So many sites have closed or moved that it's all a mess and I'm sorting it out as fast as I can. If you see something not credited and you know who the base-maker is, PLEASE feel free to let me know in a message. I have always been careful about creiting base-makers when I post dolls on-line in forums etc, and it bothers me to not have them. 1/13/08

HAPPY NEW YEAR! I'm doing a big house-keeping thing on the site, sweeping away a lot of old stuff, putting up new stuff, etc. I cut the last 6 or so Updates, and I'm making new pages for all the dolls that are languishing on my hard-drive. Hey, I finally combed through the Links and scratched the dead ones. Some good sites were lost this year. What to replace them? Drop me a note 1/11/08

I've been making a ton of dolls, but this up-date is about my new guide to making bases actually look male! Enjoy. 10/27

Biggest news: I have a new Sister Site! The well-spoken and talented Desdemona, of Desdemona's Lab, asked me to be her sister! We've gotten to know a bit about each other on TG. Kids, husbands, similar point of view in a few debates - it was a natural thing. Yay and thank you, Des! 2/27

I'm pleased to have been selected DOTM by such a talented doller.